Living FREE

DSC01961I regret not spending more time….
I’ve been handling her disrespect the wrong way.
I wish I could undo the damage I’ve done.
The things I said… still play over and over in my mind.


A familiar fork-in-the-road of everyday life.

One road leads to captivity. Holding on to our regret… it begins to have a hold on us.

The other road leads to freedom. Inviting God to affect our regret. That His purposes for everyone involved are powerfully realized.

581795_10202295751545629_1813402917_nTalking to God opens doors in our soul.
His light exposes dark corners where regret hangs out.
When regret hovers over wrong we’ve done, let HIs light lead us to forgiveness.
Where it hovers over mere mistakes, let His light lead us to freedom.

It’s time to live FORGIVEN.  FREE.

Empty every bottled-up detail and emotion. To God.
Whatever it is, He was there.
Loving us in our weakness.

DSC01572Amazing Grace.
Receive the fullness of the power of the Cross.

Dear God,
Thank you for your steadfast love and mercy. Thank you for Jesus. Strengthen us to walk toward You. To receive your grace. Help us to extend Your grace to our children. To love them in their weaknesses as You love us in ours. In Jesus’ name. Amen.