About the Blog

DSC01840I yearn for mothers to see that what they do is of tremendous worth and value. Being a mom is a calling, an appointment by God. It’s a privilege and a joy. And it’s hard.

Whether our child is 4 or 24 years old, we want to be good moms. We want to love each child well, reflecting God’s love for them.  We want to be who God wants us to be in their lives. We want them to love Jesus in a personal relationship. We want them to value a close relationship with us, too.

We embrace this call because we love God and love our children. We partner with the One who made our children and us—the One who knows who we can become. As we practice learning how to partner with God, we discover how deeply He loves us. And this love, God’s love, overflows to our children.

God brought forth the family. His plan is that the family would bless him and one another, therefore, glorifying him. With him and in him, let’s Celebrate The Family.

As I share my journey, I hope you’ll share some of yours. May we all grow increasingly aware of the confidence that God has in us as mothers, as we partner with Him.