About Me

I grew up in South Carolina, the oldest of four and the only girl. I was a special education teacher for nine years and loved it. At age 29, I ran into Terrell at a  fitness center. (The last time we saw each other was when we met as 7th graders!) We became friends and a year later were surprised to realize our feelings for each other had changed. We got married and within three years had three children.


In our first year of marriage, Terrell gave me my first Bible. As I read it, my view of God, me, everyone else, my purposes, and how to approach living the ordinary day changed—not all at once, of course. I’m still very much a work in progress! I’ve grown to realize how lovingly and patiently God has walked with me through my messy life.

One of my greatest passions is encouraging and mentoring women to partner with God through the everyday circumstances of life. I am a speaker and an author.  The website is an extension of my passion. Here I share what I’ve learned—and what I’m currently learning—as I consider the scriptures, who God is, and how he wants us to live the precious days he gives us. It’s amazing how his truths apply at every age and stage of life. I hope you’re encouraged as you spend time here today.


Meet my favorite people on this earth— my husband Terrell, the love of my life and a pastor for 30+ years; Terrell lll, Ellison and his wife Carter, and Cecilia. Lots of miles separate us, but each hour we share is treasure.

Being outdoors refreshes me, whether it’s a brisk walk or hike, piddling in the yard, or just being still taking in God’s creation.  I love to cook and linger long at the table in conversation. And I’m trying to like chocolate less, but it’s not happening.