Hi, I’m Teresa

One of my greatest passions is to encourage and mentor women to partner with God as we walk through the everyday circumstances of life.  Whether it’s a one-to-one chat, a small group, a large group, or through this blog, I treasure opportunities to help others know more about God, learn how to engage with Him more deeply and frequently, and enjoy His love as He shapes and leads us.

I share what I’ve learned—and what I’m currently learning—as I consider the scriptures, who God is, and how he wants us to live.  Thankfully, He gives us our lifetime to learn and practice. Isn’t it amazing how God’s truths apply at every age and stage of life?

I am a speaker and enjoy leading retreats, teaching series, and one-session talks. I enjoy teaching Bible studies and discipleship classes in our church.

I am the author of Becoming a Peaceful Mom ~ Through Every Season of Raising Your Child.

Meet my favorite people on this earth— Terrell, my husband of 30 years, the love of my life and a pastor for 35+ years; Terrell lll, Ellison and his wife Carter, and Cecilia. Lots of miles separate us, but every hour we share is treasure.


I hope you’re encouraged as you spend time here today.  Jot me a note sometime and share what stirs in your heart!