When Disappointment Holds Us Down

img_0037Today I welcome my friend Linda Grabeman as our guest writer. Linda radiates the love of Jesus and shares her trust and awe for Him through her writing and as a speaker. Check out her website lindagrabeman.com to learn more!  This post is an extended version of a devotion in her second book, Praise on Purpose.

praise-on-purpose-new-front-cover-photoIt’s always in the back of our mind, if we’re not careful. It robs our joy, dilutes our peace, and clouds our understanding of who we are. It’s the lie we swallow whole, unaware of the deep ache it will cause in the belly of our souls. Like me, I’m sure you’ve thought, “Yeah, God loves me, but He is disappointed in me. I don’t always act the way He wishes I would. I’m not the mother He hoped I would be. For that matter, I’m not the wife, sister, daughter, or friend He envisioned either.” Ugh!

Well, I have the very best news for you: It’s not true! I’ll prove it, and then you’ll have a rock-solid response for Satan when he tries to bog you down the next time. What refutes a lie? Truth, right? Well, ladies, here it is:  To be disappointed in someone, you must have thought they would act in a certain way. Then, when they don’t, you feel sad, angry, disillusioned. That’s how it works for humans. Not so with God. He isn’t disappointed because He can’t be surprised. Psalm 139 says, “I’m an open book to You . . . You know everything I’m going to say before I start the first sentence.” God sees our entire life in one glance. Start to finish. No thought, word, or action is a surprise to Him. We act in the way He has always known we would…and He loves us still. A love unlike any other love we have ever received. Constant, unchanging, and relentless.

Even better, His grace is just waiting to cover those actions or words which He knows are coming. Are the chains of guilt falling off your shoulders? Lying on the ground, unable to hold you in bondage any longer? Isn’t that a huge hallelujah? It’s the freedom Jesus died to buy for us! Freedom to walk in the unexplainable, outrageous, life-changing love from our Father. Forgiving ourselves because we know we’re forgiven. No more despair. Just love, mercy, and grace…and the power to walk out God’s good plans for us! Can I get an Amen on that?


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