A Family Story ~ God’s Faithfulness on Display

dsc01314Months ago I launched a free video/audio series called “The Will: God’s, Ours, and the Child’s.”  We shot the videos at my kitchen table, a place that has hosted countless conversations and recorded mountains of memories. There’s just something about the kitchen, isn’t there.  So, I sit with you at my table in these videos, offering to share what I’ve learned over the years as a mom. I am still learning!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve watched the other eleven videos yet. Come sit with me now at my kitchen table for Video #12. On another day, you can listen to the audio or watch the video for the rest of the series.

Mostly, this video is a personal story that occurred when our kids were 12, 14, and 15. The experience was really hard, yet the eventual outcome is glorious. More than anything, I pray that you are encouraged.

God loves you and your children. He’s with you and for you, always. Persevere to partner with him to love and raise your precious children.

I hope you’ll consider passing this along to friends for whom you think it might be encouraging and helpful. And, if you are on Facebook or Twitter, please tap “Share” . . . and know that I am grateful.

PS ~ Have you checked out my new book, Becoming A Peaceful Mom: Through Every Season of Raising Your Child? Click HERE to read about it!


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