When I Began To Blog

1425741_10202295835667732_591509801_nTwo months before I began to blog, I didn’t even know what a blog was. I had been praying for a while, asking God how he wanted me to share with moms the material that I’d written over long seasons of time. For years, I shared through speaking in our church and community, as we moved to different cities. Then the thought of starting a blog occurred, and that intimidated me.

I never thought of myself as a writer. I dreaded writing assignments in school. I enjoy face to face time—whether I’m sipping coffee with a friend, sharing with a small group, or speaking to a full room of women. But, God is always at work, fulfilling his plan for you and me. Over time, in his perfect time, he unfolds details of how he has designed us, for his good pleasure and for his glory. Isn’t that loving of God? Can you imagine if we received a resume as a teenager that described who we would become? Think of the pressure and overwhelm. Whew!

Back to the blog . . . So one day a blogger friend came to my house and taught me how to build a blog. My friend Laura sat with me that day and helped me through the seemingly long season of beginning, as we chose designs from way to many choices and located pictures for my posts (until I discovered how much I enjoyed taking photos). However, I’m convinced God brought my friend along because he knew her support would help me over the Can-I-do-this? hump. We laughed till we cried more times that I can count because we didn’t understand most of what we were doing. (Thank you, Laura :))

So, here I am, 6 years later.  I love to write—to you.

My book, Becoming A Peaceful Mom: Through Every Season of Raising Your Child, is for you. And maybe it’s for some moms you care about, too.

It’s available on Amazon. Tap HERE and read a few pages.

I hope my story encourages you as your own story unfolds.

With love,

2 thoughts on “When I Began To Blog

  1. What a learning curve we had to overcome! So thankful God called me to be your sidekick as we navigated through that fun and overwhelming first season and beyond. Thank you for your faithful obedience, Teresa, to share the wisdom God has so beautifully placed in your heart. Thank you for writing to us and for us! We are so blessed.



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