Encouragement for Your Tuesday

DSC01633Hi Friends,

You have no idea how blessed, humbled, and honored I am that you read my blog. I love to hear from you, and encouragement warms my heart when you share my posts with your friends and family. Thank you!

I’m sure you agree that many good writers surround us these days. I wish that I read more than I do—my struggle is finding the time or giving myself the time. Can you relate?

Some days I read a blog post or section in a book, and I think, “Mmm, that’s good.” It enriches my mind, supplies a dose of encouragement, or I think of you and want to share it.  So, I’ve decided to share with you what I come across from time to time.

Here’s some encouragement for your Tuesday . . .

When Your Children Have To Act The Wiser by September McCarthy

When You Blink And Your Babies Are Big! by Kristen Kill

Making Brave Decisions: How to Master Decisions in Motherhood by Katie Westenberg


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