Love That Inspires

DSC00178Recently, I had the pleasure to hear Bob Goff speak. He wrote Love Does, a really good book. He challenged us to live out Jesus’s second commandment: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” (Mark 12.31)

We can love so many ways, sharing God’s love through us to another:
Text, tweet, email, call or speak words of encouragement.
Listen to someone who needs to talk.
Pray for the person God places on your heart or in your path.
Give… a hug, a big smile, time.
Do a small or large act of kindness.

This week can you love 3 other moms like this? Watch expectantly to see who God places on your heart or in your path – and how you can love this neighbor to God’s glory. Maybe it’s your sister-in-law, the momma behind you in the grocery store line, or an actual neighborhood neighbor. Don’t we all like to be thought of?

DSC00175A couple of weeks ago a dear friend shared that she went through her email list, sending out “The Will” videos. She wanted to encourage other moms. Lots of moms have responded to her. They were blessed that she thought of them and reached out, “This is just what I needed today. Thank you.”

Draw from God’s limitless reservoir of perfect love. Love your neighbor. . .

In Video #6 consider God’s amazing love for you and the power of his love in and through you. Thank you for continuing to share the videos!


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