Passionate Pursuit {day 28}: Living in the Overflow

DSC02002I’m a morning person. The quiet of the early day washes my soul with peace, even if the night has been anything but restful. Nothing has begun. Much seems possible before the day starts moving.

Cereal finished and a hot cup of coffee in hand, spending time in the scriptures is next. You see, this is my first “fill up” of the day. Being filled with God’s Word, believing His Holy Spirit meets my heart in its current state and ministers to me. Pouring in love, healing, grace. Convincing me of issues and relationships I need to attend with Him. Comforting and encouraging. Inspiring wise perspective.

The effect? OVERFLOW.

God’s love floods our heart, cleansing as we pray and yield.

Never stingy, always generous, God’s love pours way over our line of need. More than enough for us, for our heart’s care.

Overflow. Beyond our heart’s brim to touch other hearts.

DSC02001Every day, our children experience the state of our heart. The question is – What is our heart overflowing with?

Some days, though I’ve spent time with the Lord in His Word, I haven’t released experiences leftover from prior days. All kinds of emotions and thoughts clog the passageway to my heart. Unreleased, these things take up space and influence.

In other words, if we attempt to love our children according to how we feel most days… well, it might not look very pretty. God intends that we love from His love. From the overflow.

God never stops giving. Is our heart yielded to receive?

Dear God,
I want Your love to be the overflow from my heart to my child’s heart. Teach me how to unload my heart to You and receive Your generous overflowing love. Thank you for loving me and loving my children so much. Amen.


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