Passionate Pursuit {day 15}: Drenched in Love

IMG_0369Plenty of worship songs make me cry. The words find deep places in my heart that need God’s touch. A deep in-filling of His love.

Amazed by Desperation Band impacts me this way – because I am amazed. (I hope you’ll listen to it here:

For a lot of years, I struggled to believe or receive my worthiness of God’s love. I couldn’t get the fact of this in my head to become faith in my heart.

So, I decided to go after it. Every day for a couple of months I prayed, “Lord, I need to KNOW Your love for me. Deep, deep in my soul.” I began a word study of “love”, using the concordance in the back of my Study Bible. Making my way down the passages under the word “love”, I learned more about God.

I don’t remember any big profound moments. What I remember is increasing faith. Evidence covering centuries testified of God’s love. My morning appointments with God were personally healing and satisfying. He answered my prayer – and so much more.

God loves you so very much. He made you and me to enjoy His love and to love our children with His love poured into us.

Thank You, Holy God, for Your amazing love. Amen.


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