Passionate Pursuit{day 10}: Relationships

DSC02292Holy God, show me how to have relationship in this season with each of my children.

My prayer for many years. Being humbled more times than I could count, I’ve learned that my behavior and emotions can be as unpredictable as any of my children’s. Looking back, I don’t think they premeditate their behaviors and emotions any more or less than I have.

Our wills intersect. From toddler to teen to young adult… our child has a view, and we have a view.

How we engage at this intersection is what matters.

Do we crash, yield or stop to quickly assess the moment.

The good news: We get lots of practice.
The hard news: It’s exhausting!

Imagine Jesus’ cross at each intersection.
Stop for a minute. Meet with Him first. Pursue a clean heart. A healed heart. Pray for the child to desire the same.

Unresolved hurts or offenses build quickly into hard walls. It’s hard to communicate through a wall, much less give or receive affection.

DSC02289Cultivating with our child a relationship of genuine mutual love, trust and depth is hard.
God has the way forward. How to build relationship in the ordinary day, including maneuvering challenging intersections.

Facing challenges and the unexpected.
Walking the road to forgiveness, healing, restoration.
Giving words for counsel, comfort, conflict, correction.
Ways to play, prepare, plan.

As we pursue personal relationship with Christ, He grows our ability to discern His way.

...and He walks each step with us.

“And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O LORD, have not forsaken those who seek you.” (Psalm 9.10)


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