Passionate Pursuit {day 9}: Trust

1384012_10202295813587180_218210964_nWhen I started this series about Passionate Pursuit to know God, I imagined it would be challenging to keep up. To write more frequently. Daily life is unpredictable. Even things I feel are safely predictable can unravel.

As days passed and gaps between posts widened, I’ve sighed, fretted …and learned.

We pray, plan and implement.
What seems plausible or like a good idea, may be. Our plan may be the course we’re to initiate.

And there may be more.
The more is what only God knows. Events only He knows will occur – or not occur. Delays. Tender interruptions. Conversations that seem untimely in the moment, yet prove to be perfectly timed once we ponder it a bit.

The last 2 weeks are a blur. My brothers and I moved my parents from the home they planned to spend their final days in.  In the middle of this, my mom’s brother died. Many of our plans changed. None of God’s did.

God alone knows the next minute.

The Bible from Genesis to Revelation shows God’s hand on time. On every minute of every living being’s life. This includes our time. Our child’s time.

Our capacity to trust God increases as we pursue a deepening relationship with Him. The more we passionately pursue knowing God, the truths we’ve read or heard about Him become personal.

In our eyes, our mind, our heart…God becomes more. Who He is permeates our soul. We’re fed, sustained, empowered, peaceful.

….Even in the unraveling, unsettling, I-didn’t-see-that-coming times of life.

Dear Lord,
You’ve created me with the capacity to trust You because You made me for a love relationship with You. Show me how and when to spend time with You to know You better. Lead me to walk in Your design for our relationship. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Passionate Pursuit {day 9}: Trust

  1. Teresa, I was so blessed when a colleague at school shared your post with me this evening. Your message was so similar to the one that our principal shared with the teachers at our meeting this morning. In our profession, teachers must constantly plan, and yet, the interruptions in our day are certainly divine appointments that are part of God’s greater plan. Even the timing of two similar messages in one day is from the Lord. Thank you so much, Teresa!



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