Passionate Pursuit {day 8}: HOPE

get-attachment-3.aspxI hope

…it doesn’t rain during her birthday party.
…she believes I’ve really forgiven her.
…he realizes the consequence if he disobeys.
…she knows how much God loves her.
…I handle this the right way.

Where do we place our hope? In our child, in our self, in a circumstance?

“‘The LORD is my portion,’ says my soul, therefore I will hope in him.” (Lamentations 3.24)

As believers in Jesus, God is our inheritance. We have Him now. We have Him forever.

Every day, He prepares us to live the day and each future day.

The more we  pursue Him, our perception of His presence matures. The scriptures teach of His character, His love for us and how to live in relationship with Him.

Getting to know the Lord, we learn to place our hope in Him. About everyone and everything – and our self.

And what a relief this is! Because I can’t change me.  I can’t mold my child’s will.  I can’t change the weather.

“… therefore I will hope in Him.”

In passionate pursuit, we walk toward God.


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