Smile the Extra Mile

get-attachment-112.aspxThere it is. That smile of his. That smile of hers. The genuine one that says  Right now, I’m good.  We’re good.  My heart is full. Waving from the car, playing in the backyard, goofing off with friends, glancing up from a book or at the supper table. Receiving a smile from one of our kids rewards my soul. Why? Because they gave that moment to me. Fleeting in deed. Lasting in effect. DSC01785Our children need our smile even more.  Much, much more. A genuine smile communicates value. According to our relationship, the value only intensifies. Have you ever noticed how your smile thaws your child’s heart? They love you. They need you. Looking at our face, they search for message. In our home, this has been a humbling learning curve for me. Too often I’ve let the impact of circumstance dominate my disposition. Plenty of times the circumstance has nothing to do with the children. My expression gets stuck in a holding pattern, presenting the brunt of my struggle. DSC01775When we’re in a hard place, personally or with a child, a smile rides on the strength of our focus to God. It’s easy to smile when we’re happy. When good or encouraging things happen. The thing is…  hard things happen in the ordinary day – disappointment. disobedience. discouragement… Not necessarily big things. Lots of little things can produce the same impact. Drain. Weariness. DSC01926The strength and consistency of our smile depends on its source. Founded on good happenings, our smiles will be conditional.  Rooted in God’s love, our smiles are fueled by Him.

Go look in the mirror.  See what your child receives when you share your love in a smile.  The impact to our child is powerful.  The force behind it is God’s love to us and through us.
Not because the day was good or our child was good, but because God is good…  SMILE.
More. Much, much more.
“God bless you and keep you, God smile on you and gift you…” 
(Numbers 6.24-25, The Message)


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