Too much… or so much?

DSC02036At times in my life, I’ve thought, “This is just too much.”
Too much to deal with. Too much to balance.

Because I’d over-committed or over-scheduled, sometimes it was too much.

DSC02037My husband Terrell and I are moving to Houston, Texas this month. We’re excited for the new adventure to which God has called us. These days have been full. Lots of details. Lots of good-byes. Lots of decisions. Lots of anticipation.

We begin our drive this Sunday. Our earthly possessions will arrive days later. We move in to our home December 23. Yes, you read that right.

18 days later is our son’s wedding.

I exhale a lot. Loudly. Pushing out my stress.

DSC02039It’s so much.
Not too much.

So much to be grateful to God for. More than I can name.

DSC02038Unpack your so much and you’ll discover blessing.

And opportunity.

Opportunity to lean on Him. To learn more deeply how He wants to be our power, strength, wisdom, Grace…our all in all.

DSC02042What’s your so much these days?

Dear God,
Help me see You in the so much. Grow my heart more aware of what You’re giving and doing for and in me. May my talks with you grow longer and deeper. Amen.

4 thoughts on “Too much… or so much?

  1. This was God’s word for me today! Thank you for sharing your heart and being His vessel. Love hearing your news and will be praying for you all during your “so much” transition! Much love, L.



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