Defining Accomplishment


I didn’t get anything done today…

Did you listen when someone needed to talk?

Did you supply food for hungry tummies?

Did you spend time with a someone who needs to experience that someone wants to spend time with her?

Did you disciple a child through her willfulness?

Did you forgive again?


Did you share a word of support, encouragement, or guidance?

Did you give a hug, a kiss, or a warm smile that reminds your child that no-matter-what your love is true and for always?

Did you pray for someone?

Did you wonder how a friend, family member or even an acquaintance is doing—and then say a prayer for them?  Because your heart is full of care and  hope for their best.


Can you say ‘yes’ to one of these questions?
Then you got something good done today.

Friends, you accomplish more in a day than you think. 

Dear God,
Thank you that you don’t grade me every day. Help me more present to your presence, enjoy your love, and share your goodness with others. Amen.


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