Things I learned in September

DSC01918 For the past couple of months I’ve joined Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky to share things we learned in the past month. Some of you have written in to share what you’ve learned and I love that! They don’t have to be big deal things – though those are great, too, of course.

So here are a few things I learned in September:

1. I can get sort of ditzy when I get to Security at the airport. I have no idea why. The last 2 times I’ve forgotten to take off my shoes. Until the kind TSA agent says something like, “Like those shoes”. To which I smiled and said, “Thank you.” To which he raised his eyebrows, stared at my shoes and smiled. Ooops!

2. So, from my recent flights, I’ve learned that though the TSA agents have very serious faces, they are really nice people. Share a smile the next time you fly.

3. Also, another friendly TSA agent told me that lots of people leave items in those plastic bins – and they never return for them. No, I didn’t leave anything! Just thought I’d strike up a conversation while I was collecting my stuff.

DSC019194. Earlier this summer a couple of friends who live at the beach shared with me how they track the movement of a great white shark named Mary Lee. I was fascinated,  mentally marking that I would have to check that out. Honestly, it’s probably one of the last things I needed to learn since our son likes to surf.

5. Our son who likes to surf visited us recently at the beach. While he was surfing, I remembered the tracking thing. Mary Lee was nowhere near us, whew. Then I decided to select “all sharks”. I LEARNED that there are WAY MORE  sharks very nearby – And I’m so glad that I didn’t know that when we lived on the coast!  Which leads me to No.6 …

DSC019176. I didn’t learn this, but I’m was reminded, so I’m sharing it here: God is constantly protecting us from so much more than we’re aware of! God, grow me to have thanks on my lips all the time….  

7. I learned a lot studying the books of some of the minor prophets – Nahum, Jonah, Joel, Hosea and Haggai. There’s a lot to chew on in these small books.

What did you learn in September? I’d love to hear!


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