Things I Learned in July

DSC01638Today I’m linking with my friend Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky to share what I learned in July. I love this idea. If you have a few minutes, go check out what others have shared.

Some things I learned…

1. That armadillos are in South Carolina. Honestly, I thought they were only out west…why I thought that, I have no idea.

2. To paddle board…and I loved it! I was scared at first, convinced I would have a shark encounter. Instead, 3 dolphins swam right by us.

3. How much I like to ride bikes. Growing up, I rode my bike all the time. I haven’t done this in so long, but recently my husband and I had the opportunity to ride every day. A shiny new bike will be on my Christmas list.

4. I can’t ride a bike “no hands” any more. Oh, well.

5. That some times God reveals faithful friends in the most unexpected ways.

6. That our children are wonderful intercessors and powerful encouragers when mom is the one with the daunting project to complete.

7. That my husband is more patient, supportive and understanding than I already thought…as I completed the daunting project.

8. That God will lovingly surprise me for the rest of my life with His incredible generosity, like sparing my dad’s life last week in a traumatic fall.

What did you learn in July? Nothing is too insignificant!
I bet you’ll be encouraged as you jot down a few thoughts. Even if you share 1 thing, I’d be blessed to know it!


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