M is for More

“There aren’t enough hours in the day!”
I’ve said that more times than I can count.

I want MORE.

But I say, I need MORE

…more hours in the day,
…more sleep,
…more time with my husband,
…more time with each child
…more time alone
…more time with family and friends who live far away

Here’s my pattern:  I think it; next, I mumble it to the air or whoever is in earshot. Eventually, I address it to God.

He’s the One who can bring change or present a new way:
Sometimes I need to change.
Sometimes I finally see the way to MORE, that He’s been presenting for who-knows-how-long.
Often giving thanks for what IS opens my eyes to how blessed I already am with MORE.

God gives ALL we need. We only need Jesus.


He knows our heart. Our aches, longings, struggles. He wants to show us the way to live each day. The way that yields peace, given by the Prince of Peace.

Peace beyond understanding.
Peace that absorbs the stress of the not-done.
Peace that fills the place of longing.
Peace that sustains in our exhaustion.
Peace grown like fruit in our heart and character.
Peace called winsome as we respond to hard things.

You are perfectly sufficient. You are all the MORE we’ll ever need. Grow us to trust You. Alert us and help us come in to Your order for living the day, celebrating the time You give, Your way. Amen.

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