M is for Manicure

M is for Manicure.

Our hands will never be the same.
Worn for use. Not worn out. Worn for love.
Holding countless memories.

Purposed for caring, serving, teaching, comforting, loving, all-things-mothering…
We hold newborns. Caress little hands. Wash little bodies. Squeeze knees and pat backs. Blow kisses. Wave passionately hello and good-bye. Clap – hard and loud. Wash and scrub. Cook and clean. Pick up and put down. Color and paint. Teach and train. Mend and build. And drive at least a million miles.

As we look at our hands, we see worn.
Holding us in His hands, God sees love – for Him and for our children.

Thank you, God, for this precious way that You have purposed our hands.

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