M is for Moments


They’re fleeting
yet, they last forever in our memory.

The way she rested her head on our chest when she was sleepy.
the way he breathes heavy when he’s concentrated on a project.
how tightly he held our hand or clung to our leg in public.
when they reveal the surprise before it’s time because they just can’t keep it in!

Often we’re taken by surprise, simply:
a hug, a kiss, a smile – just because.
a comment that expresses thoughtfulness for another.

Glimpses, as we see who they are becoming:
through what they overcome,
what they determine to accomplish,
difficult decisions they make,
how they handle a loss or disappointment.
when we see them moved, even changed, by sadness or difficulty in someone else’s life.

A glance,
a thoughtful call,
a thank you that says so much more than ‘thank you’.

Surprises to us, never to God.
God sees the heart. He knows what’s brewing, what’s growing… and He gives us sweet moments.
Moments to savor, to be encouraged, to know we are loved, to delight, to know we are doing-what-He-wants-us-to-do-even-when-we-don’t-see-results, and to be thankful.

Thank you God for the countless precious moments that make up being a mother. Each is uniquely given to us, by You. Thank You for loving us this way.


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