M is for Ma-ma.

DSC00549Remember the first time?
Over and over again, I rehearsed it, smiling into each baby’s face, “I am Ma-ma. Ma-ma. Can you say it?”

Then it happens. Baby says our name – our new name – reserved for her or him.
A sweet sound. So personal. It designates us for a unique relationship.

And as our children grow, so do their language skills – and so does the number of times they say our name.

They’ve proven they can say it as many times as necessary until we respond.

“Momma, Ma, Mom, Mum, Mother, Mommie, Mummie, Mmmmoooommmm!!!”
It begins most questions, statements, complaints, exciting news, whines, pleas, and tattling.

Some days we think we’ll go crazy if we hear our name one.more.time.

DSC00474Then time passes.

For some, our relationship is estranged. We haven’t spoken with our child in a while. We pray to hear our name across her lips again one day.
For some, it’s a yearning that will not be fulfilled in this life, as our child has gone to be with God.

And for some, our children have grown up and moved.
These days, we get just as excited as we did when they first said our name.
“Hey, Momma.”
Only now, it’s all the more sweet and personal, representing years of building a unique relationship.

Thank you for the unique name You have given us to hear on our children’s lips. Thank you, God, for the privilege to be a mother. Amen.


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