Loving You MOST, Jesus {day 21} : Cravings

DSC00560Some days I crave chocolate.
“You’ll regret it; it doesn’t come off like it used to!”
“I’ll just eat a little.” I never “eat a little.”
“I will this time.” I actually convince myself.

Me, thinking with me.

When addicts crave, they pursue a “quick fix” convincing themselves that they will be satisfied.

Sometimes we pursue quick fixes for the most significant craving in our heart – love. The craving that God intends to be fulfilled through an abiding love relationship with Him. THE relationship for which we were created.

Attention, reputation, money, relationships – our attempts to satisfy this craving. Pursuing the wrong fix can lure us to wander from the only full-filling for our craving.

God commands that we love Him most because He knows that only HIs love can overcome every temptation we’ll face.

Jesus, that we might love you MOST. May this be our prayer today:

“Surrender All”  by Rich Dalmas 

“Take all I am, Lord, and all that I cling to
You are my Savior I owe everything to
Take all the treasures that lie in my storehouse
They cannot follow when I enter Your house

So I surrender all to You
I surrender all

Take all my cravings for vain recognition
Fleshly indulgence and worldly ambition
I want so much Lord to make You the focus
To serve You in secret and never be noticed

So I surrender all to You
I surrender all

Take all my hunger for all that’s forbidden
Every desire and sin I keep hidden
Search me and know me I want to bring to You
A life that is holy and sanctified through You

So I surrender all to You
I surrender all”


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