Loving You MOST, Jesus {day 10} : Love Letters

DSC00933Do you like Hallmark commercials? Even if I’ve seen a particular one several times, it still makes me cry. You know, that moment when the voice of the card-giver expresses what she feels and why.  These commercials are intended to inspire us to communicate our love through the written word.

Many of us use cards as love letters. We go to the store, read a ton of cards and select the one that nearly says how we feel. If we really want to personalize it, we add words.

Or, we write our own note or letter.
Intentional words to uniquely express our love.

Have you ever written a love letter – to God?

Mine tend to be woven into my journaling. One day I may write a sentence or two, after seeing His love displayed in the scriptures, realizing that what I’m reading, He intends for me, too. Other times, I write long – when my heart is overwhelmed by His character poured out over me – His patience, faithfulness, generosity or forgiveness.

Always, I feel like my words aren’t enough. Then God reminds me – If we delight when our children write love to us, HOW MUCH MORE is His delight when we love Him back.

“I love you, O Lord, my strength…” (Psalm 18.1)

Love written stirs good memories. We recall how God has loved us – in the hardest of times and the sweetest of times.

Testimony of God’s steadfast love – testimony often smothered by layers of hard times – is stirred. Stirred to inspire and strengthen us.

“I love the Lord, because he has heard my voice and my pleas for mercy…” (Psalm 116.1)

Try it. Practice.

I love you God because…..
You’re the only One who…..
If it weren’t for You…….

Jesus, help us express our love for You, to You. Use our written words to stir our hearts to love You MOST.


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