Loving You MOST, Jesus {day 2} : Seeds

DSC01994Are some of your memories so clear that you can picture them, almost feel them?

As a little girl, I’d enter the church pew with my family and we’d kneel to pray silently. My prayer was always the same: “I love you God with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind and all my strength.” Today I can still feel how I felt when I’d say that to Him. I meant it.

My parents planted seeds. Teaching us to pray and taking us to church.

And then there’s this gap.
A space that opened gradually.
I can’t name a beginning point.

I didn’t stop believing what I’d learned about God.
I talked to Him when I wanted something – a good grade, a boyfriend, a job. I asked God to forgive me when I eventually regretted poor, wrong decisions.

I took God for granted.

DSC01995Somewhere along the way, I fell in love with the world around me –
my friends,
gratifying ME,
maintaining an image among peers,
accumulating stuff.

These mattered most. These filled my thoughts and time.

With all my heart and mind and strength, I pursued what I wanted, for me.

My pursuits teased my appetite for fulfillment and value. I didn’t realize I was starving.

Eventually, my love relationship with the world caught me up and laid me LOW.

Thankfully, God was patiently waiting… not for me to fall (I’d done that plenty), but to turn.

To turn to HIM, again.
Not because I wanted someTHING or someONE.
He waited for me to turn to Him because I needed HIM.

“I love the LORD, because he has heard my voice and my pleas for mercy.” (Psalm 116.1)

God loves us DEEPLY while He waits for us to turn.

I couldn’t say it then – because I didn’t know this then – I needed His love. His love for ME.

We were made for a love relationship with God.

It’s THE relationship that fulfills us – and our children.

And so began a love story – on my end.
I responded to God’s love.

Thank you,Jesus, for the seed sowers in our lives. Thank you for your perfect patience. Please strengthen and empower us to turn from all that we need to turn from. Help us turn daily into Your loving arms and love You. MOST. Amen.


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