Loving You MOST, Jesus {day 1} : Blessings

God wants us to love Him MOST.
I think that we want to love Him MOST.

But it’s hard.
Oh, it’s not hard to love God!
It’s hard for us to authentically give Him that place, first place, in our heart every day.

“Help me love you MOST, Jesus.” is one of my daily prayers – because I’m weak, because I want this.

get-attachment.aspxThe more we love Him, the more we are inspired to live the hours of our day for Him. The more we love Him, His love within us pours out to those we love and others with whom we have contact.

How much we love God directly impacts our relationships.
Our children will bear the imprint of our love for Him.

Our love relationship with God is our child’s primary example of what it looks like to love God.

DSC00213When we love God MOST, we experience a oneness that’s hard to describe.
The most intimate Intimate.
Undeserving… yet purified, made worthy, invited to this companionship with Him through the Love-filled shed blood of Jesus Christ.
There is NOTHING like it with any-body-else.

Loving God MOST is the response to embracing God’s love for us.

To begin to love God MOST, we are growing to believe how much He loves us.

God celebrates beginnings! Beginnings that lead us toward Him.

DSC00256Maybe like me, you’ve been on this journey for a while. Or maybe you’re ready to begin.

For the next few weeks, I’m going to write about loving Jesus MOST.
Would you walk with me? I’d love to know my companions and pray this prayer for you by name.

Holy God, thank You for how generously and unconditionally You love us. Lead us to grasp the deep measures of Your love. Help us to step in closer, toward You. We want to love You MOST. We commit our hearts and this walk to You. Move mightily in us, O LORD. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

10 thoughts on “Loving You MOST, Jesus {day 1} : Blessings

  1. Better late than never…but God’s timing is always best! I’m so glad you shared this with me, Teresa. The big take away for me, because of where I am right now, is this: “Our love relationship with God is our child’s primary example of what it looks like to love God.” I want to be an excellent example of what it looks like to love God. I’m praying that that’s what He will make me!


  2. Oh, Teresa, I am so happy I stumbled on this adventure you are taking…and inviting us to join you on…this morning! I’ve been pondering, just this morning, Phil. 3, Paul’s considering all of his credentials and blessings to be as nothing compared to knowing Jesus. I’m grateful for His material and personal blessings and want them to stay in their proper place as gifts from Him who is more than enough for me. Molly is getting married in June so I am on that track of needing to think about material things, but am so wanting to join you in your journey of keeping Jesus my first and best love:) xoxo Margaret


    • Hi Margaret,
      Thank you for sharing this word! Your words speak to my heart today. I am blessed that you are joining me, and I’m adding you to my prayers as we journey together.
      Much love to you and Renny,


  3. Thank you Teresa. Thank you for reminding me that LOVING Jesus MOST should be my single most important goal or motivation; everything else follows that. This just seems so unattainable in my every day, “real” life… And I am ashamed that praying for this scares me a little…
    How I do want to LOVE God and fear Him in the way He intended for me to… So here goes. I am daring to pray this too. Lord Jesus, please help me to love you MOST. amen!


    • Hi Beth,

      Thank you for sharing your heart. I think we have to remember that we honor God as we try; He sees our effort and delights that we try. He loves us so much – plus He’ll help us… which I REALLY need! 🙂
      I’m adding you to my list and will pray this for you daily.
      God bless you,


  4. Oh this puts into words what God’s been showing me lately. New motherhood seems to have crowded Him out in the last couple of years, so I’ll definitely be praying this prayer. Thanks for keeping this blog going…it truly is an encouragement!


    • Hi Kari,

      I remember that challenge so well. I’ve written down your name, and I will be praying for you, too! You are an encouragement to me, as well.
      God’s peace,



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