Learning to Participate Every Day


I’ve been reflecting more on John 2.1-11 and how God wants us to participate with Him through ordinary acts like pouring and serving water. Our opportunities to serve up water to our children contribute to a tremendous plan that God is working…


Cuddled child in my lap. I read the Toddler Bible story. It’s a new one for me, too. In fact, lots of them are. “Read one more, Mommy.” A 2-page story.

Driving to the football field for practice. Our child -age 7- is a 3rd string member of the team. Discouraged by his size and ability. Yet he loves this game….
“Have fun out there today.”
“Yeah…” drains less than optimistically from his lips.
“You’re improving every week.”
“Let’s each say a prayer for God’s help.”
I pray first. He follows.

Is he praying believing God will help him, or is he praying because I suggested it?
As we point our children toward God, He uses it. Period.

After practice, “How was it?”
“Better. But they’re all still better than me.”
“I love the way you keep trying to be your best. That’s called perseverance. And thank you, God, for all Your help.”


Preteen. On the way to band try-outs. “Why don’t we pray?”
“You can.”
“…Okay”  I do.

Learning to manuever my way through daily adolescent curveballs, I hold my tongue. And it’s hard. What’s going on inside her, Lord? Too many times up to now, I’ve forced my way. Help me learn to submit to Your way…  I am amazed that I just HELD MY TONGUE! I don’t know what you’re doing in her, but you’re doing something in ME! 

Silently to the One Who works change, “Lean her heart soft toward You. Stir her to talk to You.”
Softly by-God’s-grace, to my child growing quickly before my eyes – “I love you.”

Another weekend. No plans. No confidence to invite someone over…
So, we make plans.

Teenager is steaming mad. The week’s circumstances a pile of pain…  fed up with a friend. frustrated with self. grades are a mess.
I know my words won’t be timely at this moment. BUT PRAYERS ALWAYS ARE. So I pray.


Attending as many class parties, programs, ceremonies, recitals and games as our schedule allows … knowing our child may not talk with us or want us there…  We come to give support, to give smiles, to give applause, TO PRAY, to participate in their life. Our presence gestures love.

Giving space. Sharing time. Affection. Intentional words. Serving.


Almighty God, You turn the served up water to wine. You are the Power. Help us be encouraged by what You have done in our own hearts. Strengthen us to live daily as Yours. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

6 thoughts on “Learning to Participate Every Day

  1. Hi Laura,

    All of us need encouragement – and your words are just that to me today 🙂 God is so faithful. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to share.


  2. Teresa,
    What a blessing this was to me today. Just what I needed to read. In my quiet time this morning the Lord reminded me that the difference between a raisin and a plump, juicy grape is water ~ because its still connected to the vine. Your blog just reinforced what He layed on my heart this morning.

    In Him,
    Amy Mulvaney



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