Amazed by God in the Ordinary

It was 2 days after Christmas.
Not the day after, when many shop to grab the deals that weren’t deals before Christmas.
No, this is the day after that day. The shelves and racks are nearly depleted.

I don’t like to shop; my daughter does. Shopping for me is a mission. Shopping for her is an adventure. I’ve mentored her as to how to spend – and now she mentors me as to what to buy! On this day, we’re “on mission” for me. I need a long dress for a fancy affair.  I’m excited about the event, but I’ve put off shopping for the dress.


When any of the kids and I go shopping, each of us prays aloud. Sometimes we come home empty-handed. Perhaps disappointed, yet peaceful. When we make purchases, we thank God for His generosity. This day my prayer is more of a moaning, “Lord, I don’t wanna shop today! But, I need a long dress – for an amazing price – and I don’t want to spend all day on this.”

Honest. Desperate for God to act.
Doesn’t God like that?

When we don’t ask God, we take the matter into our own hands.
Aren’t all things better, led by the hand of God?

The smallest circumstances of life – AND OUR CHILDREN’S LIVES – are opportunities to practice asking.

“You do not have because you do not ask.” (James 4.2)


First store. No long dresses.
The fancy affair is in 2 days.

Continually, I push away fret-thoughts and silently repeat, “Help me God. Show us where to go. Help me see the one You have. Help me find it…”

All these prayers, for a silly-ole dress.
“Mom, I’m praying, too,” my sweet girl says…. Funny, how many times have I said that to her?

On with the dress-hunt.
Store 2: 4 dresses my size. Three “no way!’s” and one “maybe”.

Standing at the 3-way mirror, every ounce of indecisiveness and insecurity is bubbling.
“What should I do, Lord?! Get it or move on? …And who can do the alterations this fast!”
The fog of my fretting is so thick, I can’t discern His guidance.
“Cecilia, I’m praying and I know you are, but I’m just not sure…”

Then it happened. Four different women – God’s vessels of encouragement disguised as strangers – walk by commenting, encouraging me to get it. Next, the store tailor standing nearby said, “I could do this for you tonight.”

DSC00493God wants to amaze us in the ordinary.

The more we recognize His presence in the ordinary, the more we turn to Him.

He INDWELLS us, and wants us to DWELL IN Him.

Through the ordinaries of our day, we practice learning to DWELL IN – to be present to and avail ourselves of His presence.

We can show our children SO MUCH about God’s nearness through the ordinary of our lives – and their own.

How about you? Will you share an amazing ordinary moment you’ve had with the Lord?


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