We’re Not So Different

DSC00468“Lord, I’m sorry I raised my voice again today with the children.”
“Lord, I keep meaning to sit down and pray with you for a little while…
“Lord, I did it again.  I know I need to hold my tongue sometimes, but…”

We know.
We know what we should do, and we know what we shouldn’t do.
When we mess up, usually we regret it.  But sometimes, in the moment, ignoring what we “should do” doesn’t feel so bad.

Wow, we’re not so different from our children, are we?

God is so patient with us!

He teaches – and reteaches – us.  He provides training opportunities to practice what He’s taught!  He corrects us – consistently, firmly and with undeserved grace – because He loves us and knows the effect of this molding will yield the completion of a beautiful, perfect plan.

Our Creator wants to help us become who He created us to be.

live on a learning curve as my Lord instructs, trains and corrects me – through His Word, through others, and through experiences.  Unfortunately there are countless themes for which I’ve had to have repeated instruction, training and correction. UGH!

Amazingly, God wants us (the ones on the lifelong learning curve) to participate with Him in leading our children to become who He created them to be.  He demonstrates in our lives how He wants us to instruct, train and correct our children – who, by the way, also live on a learning curve.

Our strength, patience and love come from Him…
“We love because he first loved us.” (1 John 4.19)


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