DSC01959 I’ve had a bit of transition in my life over the past few months.  We’ve moved to a new state, I have returned tofull time employment, and my husband and I are working together – sharing an office in our new home.  If you want to pray for Terrell and me adjusting to working together in our “cozy” office space, that’d be great!

Actually, I’m excited about it, but we do have our MOMENTS!!  And it doesn’t help that since we’ve only recently moved, our “office” (a room over our garage) is a jumble of boxes, scattered notebooks, countless lists and all those remaining things that we don’t know where to put yet.

Yes, potential stress is around every corner in about every room I walk into.  If I could walk around with my eyes closed, I would, because everywhere I look, I think, “I need to do that…and I need to do that…” or “Ugh, I meant to do that yesterday!” or “I DON’T WANT TO DO THAT!”

Then I’ll recall some of the tragedy going on around our world or I’ll think of loved ones who deal daily with incredible challenges, and I am sobered.  My perspective, regarding my self and my circumstance, is affected.

It’s so easy to become circumstance focused.  What a trap for stress, fear, discouragement, or an overall downward spiral.

The other day I read Luke 13.22: “He (Jesus) went on his way through towns and villages journeying toward Jerusalem.” Two words grabbed me: “…journeying toward…”  Jesus has His eyes set – Jerusalem, the Cross… abiding in and obeying His Father. Yet, up till now and before He gets there, His journey has been and will be challenging and taxing.  Unfamiliar places, encountering all sorts of people and circumstances, seeking to discern His purpose in each setting, long hours…

I thought, “What am I ‘journeying toward'”?
Lord, help me journey toward YOU!

… And all these circumstances along the way??  Thank you, Father, that You know every one of them. You have a purpose and You’ll show the way. Help me abide in You.  

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