Ends and Beginnings

Another milestone.  Two weeks ago, Terrell and I took our youngest child to college.  The 3 of us stayed in a hotel the night before move-in day.  I woke up really early that morning so I went in the bathroom to have my Quiet Time.  Why there?  Because I knew the tears were going to come.  And they did.  Memories flooded my mind – the day Cecilia was born, dressing her in cute little outfits and hair bows, watching her play dolls, and on up through the years.  Later that morning, I hugged her and as tears streamed down my face, I shared my walk down memory lane.  I looked at her once, wondering if she thought, “Mom’s really lost it”.  But she was smiling.

When it was time to say good-bye at her dorm, each of us prayed, and Terrell and I left.  As we drove through the campus, I whimpered, “Maybe if we park over there, we can see her one last time as she walks to her meeting…  She won’t see us.”  My sweet husband obliged me.  A few minutes later, she walked by in the distance, and I softly cried, “Good-bye, Cecilia.”  Yes, I was pitiful.  What a mix of emotions – I was SO excited for her as she marked a new beginning, but I was experiencing an end.  My little girl, now an amazing young lady, our youngest child, had moved out and on to college.

Right about now, lots of us are going through this in different ways.  We’ve just become a mom – or we’ve just had another baby!  Our toddler is heading to preschool.  Our preschooler is going to elementary school.  One child is beginning middle school and another is entering high school.  Our child graduated from college, she’s moved to a new city – and there is no Parent’s Weekend which guaranteed us an invitation!  Our child has gotten married, and we’re experiencing the “leaving and cleaving” thing…

As I end one season, I begin a new one: a new dimension in my relationship with Cecilia.  I want to discern and walk in God’s design for this new season with my daughter, just as I’ve had to learn to do with our sons.  I also begin a new season with Terrell!

Seasons end and new ones begin.  Some are exciting; some are sad.  Others are unfamiliar, maybe even frightening.  Some are unexpected, and others we’ve known would come one day.  No matter the circumstance, God is with us.

David, the Psalmist, believed that as he prayed and meditated on God’s Word, he would discern God’s way forward.  “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” (Psalm 119.105)  Let’s mark each season’s end and thank God for it.  Then look forward with the Lord for what He has planned.  Finally, with His grace, walk His way.

One thought on “Ends and Beginnings

  1. Thank you for your post. My oldest son started middle school and I have found myself very sad sometimes. I miss the little boy he used to be and yet I am so proud of the young man he is becoming. I suppose changes will always hit me this way. I really like the way you look at the changes as a new chapter. I will be praying about this. Thank you.



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