The other day I was at the movie theater in the bathroom waiting in line.  Down at the end a mom had just situated her 3 children around the stroller. All 3 girls were under 6 years old.  The youngest was about 2½.  With the stroller facing the stall, the mom went in alone.  Once she closed the door, the toddler leaned forward in her stroller seat, almost standing, trying to watch mom through the tiny gap in the door.  When I didn’t think this little one could look any cuter, she started clapping her hands looking in mom’s direction, and loudly yelled, “Yaayyyy!!”

Can you guess what mom had successfully done?!

Her face told all of us watching her how proud she was of her mommy.  She was praising her.  And my guess is she was doing what she has experienced her mommy doing with her – clapping and saying ‘yay!’

“Therefore, encourage one another and build one another
up…”  (1 Thessalonians 5.11)

Earlier this summer our son Terrell studied everyday for the MCAT exam. Occasionally, I told him how much I admired his discipline. I wish I’d said it more. Our children look up to us; therefore, when we express admiration, they’re especially blessed because the words are coming from us.

Attentiveness to our child’s efforts and small accomplishments demonstrates our love. As our child receives this love, he hears affirmation and incentive to continue whatever he’s attempting or doing right.

You’re being so good! 
You worked really hard on that. 
You’ve been so patient with your sister this morning.
You’re a good listener.
You are such a good friend to him.
You’re so organized.
You’re really good at …. 

I think God wants us to be our child’s biggest cheerleader.

3 thoughts on “PRAISE

  1. This one Matt and I seem to excel at (completly not trying to brag)…but Spencer will point out the smallest things and praise me for what a great job I've done with something, which gets me to laugh every time. This morning is was, “good job pouring my juice, Mommy. You make the best juice!” Just call me Mrs.Motts!


  2. Praise God for His love for us! I can't wait to praise them tomorrow and lift them up! It easily gets missed in the day to day activities. Thank you for the reminder sweet Teresa!



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