God’s Timing

You never know when they’re going to come…the tears.  Cecilia’s two best friends in high school were coming by later on.  We had a gift for each of them, but I wanted to write the girls a note.  With each note, I got as far as ‘Dear Julia’ and ‘Dear Hayes’, but then I couldn’t see my note card for my waterfall of tears.  I was truly overcome by the precious gifts God had given our daughter in these girls.  As I attempted to write each note, I was flooded with memories from the day Cecilia came home and told me about each of them to the countless experiences they have shared since then.

I put my pen down for a moment and remembered Cecilia’s beginning here. When we moved to Pawleys, Cecilia was entering 8th grade.  We’d started praying for friends before we moved.  That first summer was very hard, but as school started, she began to meet girls.  They were friendly and welcoming, but most of them were already established in friendships.

As she made her way through ninth grade, we continued to pray for special friends.  Though she really missed her close friends in Raleigh, Cecilia was making the most of her life here and having fun, but she still hoped to one day have close friends here.

It’s interesting, Cecilia remembers the challenge of that season, but she also recalls it being a time when she grew significantly closer to Jesus.  He became her best friend.  And in His perfect timing, always accomplishing His perfect purposes, He gave Cecilia the relationships of her prayers.


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