Our daughter Cecilia graduates in less than a week from high school. She is our youngest child. This afternoon our church hosted a Baccalaureate service for the senior class. It’s a simple service with a few prayers and a brief message. It’s like a pause before graduation to publicly and collectively thank God for His faithfulness throughout their high school years.

Before the service I looked out the window and saw the students heading toward the church. My eyes filled with tears unexpectedly. (I was fine two seconds ago!) I realized that today I would begin to prepare to say good-bye to my little girl. Up to now, I had pushed this thought away, focusing instead on preparations for college rather than preparing my heart.

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven…” (Ecclesiastes 3. 1)

God willing, Cecilia and I have many years of blessed relationship to come. But for now she and I have entered a season that I want to be very intentional about: her last summer before moving away. I’ll continue to disciple her, to strengthen our relationship, and to spend lots of time together. At the same time, I hope I will cherish moments I would usually take for granted, look for moments to watch her and listen to her, seize opportunities to hug her, and express my deep love.

Father God,
Help me follow Your lead in this season. Stir my heart to pause with You and enjoy all that you for this season. Amen.



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